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The making of our TV ad

We had a great time while filming for our new TV advert, if you've not seen it yet, have a look at our page.  Read on to find out more about our filming experience. 

Filming Day 1 

On the 17th of October, we started to film our TV advert in a house on Kent Avenue.  The house we used had a lot of character. The owner even told us a fascinating story about its history, which involved surviving a major war!    

ask oakam filmingDay 1 : Filming in a house in Ealing on Kent Avenue 

We caught up with Tom Allder,  Chief Marketing Officer at Oakam after filming and here's what he had to say. 


Filming Day 2

About a day later, we set off to our Shepherd’s Bush store to film the remaining part of the advert.  We also featured some general managers from our stores in London. It was a busy day with customers coming in and noticing the cameras everywhere!  We managed to accomplish our mission and successfully filmed the remaining parts of the advert.  

filming tv adDay 2 : Filming in our shop Shepherd’s bush shop 

Watch a video about the making of our TV ad below: 


Real Oakam customers

We invited some of our existing customers to film for our TV advert and they all did a great job. We chose to use our actual customers because we believe that they are our best ambassadors. A significant amount of our customers already recommend our service to their family and friends.  

Meet Julia

real customer tv advert

Julia is from Croydon and has only been with Oakam for a short while. Yet, she’s still a strong Oakam ambassador.  

When Julia first read the script for her part, she was nervous and thought it wouldn’t even make the final cut.  However, she turned out to be a natural! She faced the cameras and explained her story in a very convincing manner. Her story is a real one too as she was speaking about her personal experience with Oakam. Julia says, ‘Thanks Oakam, I’d love to do this again!”

Want to know more? Find out more about Julia's experience with us .  

Meet Gemma 

real customer actress

Gemma is from Brentwood and has been an Oakam customer for a while.  She appreciates Oakam’s flexible repayment plan as she can fit this around her budget. 

We caught up with Gemma after filming and she said she was also quite nervous when reading her part for the script.  As it turned out, she had nothing to be nervous about, she’d done a great job.  Her performance was remarkably professional and we’ll always remember that she’ll now have ‘no more embarrassing moments’.  Gemma says, “I really enjoyed filming for the TV advert with Oakam, it was a lovely experience’. 

Find out more about Gemma's experience with us.  

Some more pictures... 

Alice Oakam adAlice: reading her script on day 1 of filming

oakam tv adTom taking a selfie with Alice 

makeup on setAmanda: getting ready to film on day 1 

Amanda Oakam ad Amanda: filming on day 2