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Why choose our loans?

There are many short-term loan providers to choose from. Here are a few reasons why we think you should choose Oakam:

  Bad credit history?  We could still help     

If you have a bad credit history we could still help.  We believe that you shouldn’t be barred from accessing credit simply because your credit is less than perfect. Perhaps you've been turned down for credit because of a thin credit history.  We look beyond your credit score and our loans can even help you build it up!  

 Build your credit history   

We report your repayment behaviour back to credit reference agencies. That means your credit score will improve when you make payment on time and in full.  Many of our customers benefited with an improved credit history, making their financial future a lot brighter.  

  Earn rewards just for being you

We believe that our customers should be rewarded for good behaviour. Made payments on time? Referred a friend to us?  We'll give you points just for doing those things and more.  Learn more about  our app rewards program.  

 No home visits - ever! 

We won't ever show up to your front door; we understand that money is a private matter. We like to keep it that way and rather speak with you over the phone or online.

 No hidden surprises 

We keep our customers in mind and offer transparent products with no late fees. Want to choose a flexible payment plan?  No worries, you can choose from weekly or bi-weekly payment plans.

Want to settle your debt early? We won't charge you extra fees for doing so.  

 No late fees 

Missed a payment and worried about additional fees?  Don't worry, we don't charge for late payments. Just give our friendly advisors a  call  to set up a suitable re-payment plan. (Please note: missed payments will adversely affect your credit rating).  

We speak your language

English not your first language?  Our dedicated advisors speak over 20 different languages. They'll explain everything you need to know  in your native tongue and guide you through the loan application process.  

Speak to a person, not a robot

Whether you apply for a loan online or via our App, you'll still get to speak to a person, not a robot.

 Our customers love us!

90% of our customers rated our customer service 4/5 or 5/5 and 55% take out another loan.*  Listen to what they have to say about our customer service.