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  • Top UK Supermarkets based on Customer’s Insights

    For the past few months, we have been asking customers about their shopping habits. We have also gathered some fresh insights from our customers about their favourite supermarket. Read on to find out more about what our customers like about each supermarket and why.


    If you’re looking for a treat for the family that won’t take long to make, go to Iceland. They have a range of frozen chips, pizza and vegetables starting from prices as low as 50p. One customer from our Dalston store said,  “I’ve collected bonus points throughout the year and then used this for my Christmas shopping”.


    Look out for many well- known frozen food brands – all of which you can find for low prices! Prices start from as low as £1 and on a good day you may even find them on sale for 50p.


    There are so many Lidl stores scattered around the UK. If you’re lucky, you may even have a local Lidl store within your local area.  If you are used to buying branded products at a high price, go over to Lidl; you can get some of these same branded products at a much cheaper price.


    Look out for the Lidl catalogue and make a note of other household items you need; such as, chairs or dining tables and even shelves.  You never know, it just may be a lot cheaper than buying from IKEA and you won’t have to fix it yourself.


    Most of the customers we spoke to mentioned Morrisons as their favourite supermarket.  This also comes as no surprise as there is always one sale or another for various items. For instance, a 3kg bag of Fusilli pasta costs just £2.87. At Sainsbury’s, for a Fusilli pasta of 1kg you’ll pay £1.20 whilst at Morrison you can get the same amount for approximately 96p.


    Before heading to Morrison, visit their offers page to discover their latest deals. Compare this with the prices at your usual supermarket and decide for yourself if it is really worth switching.


    This store is another favourite of our customers, it comes as no surprise as Asda have a brand match guarantee for most of their branded products. One customer mentioned that she really liked Asda’s bakery section and found it to be cheaper than other supermarkets (namely Sainsbury’s and Tesco).


    After shopping at Asda, make sure you collect your receipt, at the bottom of it you will be able to find out just how much you have saved for branded items.


    Even if Sainsbury’s is not the cheapest supermarket around, you’ll still find a good bargain every now and then; it was still mentioned as a favourite because of the nectar card. For the cheapest products in store, look out for Sainsbury’s Basic collection.


    Sign up for Sainsbury’s Nectar card and make sure you collect points as you can when you shop online from Sainsbury’s Nectar partners.  For instance, Expedia, Just Eat, ASOS and many online retailers are just some of the many that allows you to collect Nectar points when you buy something from them.


    Over the recent months, Tesco has really stepped up its game and is now selling products at much lower prices. Of course, this is good news for people who are always looking for the best deal.  Look out for deals on branded cereals such as Kellogg’s, Nestlé and much more.  Don’t forget to cross-reference with the deals going on at Iceland; many of our customers have said they get some of these cereals on sale here.


    If you’re looking for a good deal, try ‘Tesco Supermarket’ or ‘Tesco Extra’ stores instead of their ‘Metro’ and ‘Express’ stores.  Since the latter stores are more for emergency shopping, products here will always be a few pennies extra.

    Last but not least, head on over to mysupermarket.co.uk  to find the best deals at all supermarkets, you can even sign up and receive updates about branded products on sale! You will never have to search again for deals, they’ll just come straight to your inbox.

    What are your favourite supermarkets?  Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to use our hashtag #OakamBudgetingTips.