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  • Our new app features

    We’ve added some new features to our mobile app in response to customer feedback. These have been designed to make it easier to manage your Oakam account and change your contact and payment details.

    Make a one-off payment in the app

    If you’ve fallen behind on your payment and want to pay off some of all of your arrears, you can now make a one-off catch up payment on the app. We’ve made is very simple and easy to do. Just launch the app and head to your Account section, where you’ll see the option to make a one-off payment.

    We’re working on enabling early repayments in the app. For now, if you want to make an early payment, or settle you’re a loan account in full, you can give us a call using the details below.

    Update your contact details

    You can now update your address, email and telephone details directly in the app. Just head to the Account section and make the changes you need. We’ll drop you an email confirming that the changes have been made.

    Change your payment card details

    If your bank card has expired, or you want to change the account you use to make payments, you can now add a new card directly in the app. This is found in the Account section of the app and we’ve made verifying your new bank card quick and easy.

    Apply for a new loan or a top up in the app

    If you’re looking for a new loan, or you’d like to top up your existing one, you can now see when you’ll be able to reapply in the app. If you’re eligible, you will see the apply now button displayed on your app’s home screen.

    Our customer service teams can’t change when you will become eligible to reapply or top up, so we’ve made it quick and easy to see this directly in the app. We’ll also send you a text message or email (depending on your marketing preferences) letting you know when you can apply.

    Make sure you’re up to date

    To access these new features, you might need to update your version of the Oakam app. This takes under a minute. Head to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (depending on what device you’re using) and click Update. If there’s no option to update, great – you’re already using the latest version.

    Of course, our customer service teams are still available if you need help with your account. If you are having difficulty repaying your loan or want to request an alternative repayment plan, we’re ready and waiting!

    You can reach us by email at help@oakam.com.