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Meet Gemma

oakam customer review

Besides being an Oakam customer, Gemma recently starred in our TV advert. Gemma likes our service because it is tailored to her needs.  Whenever she needs a loan she can just pop into her nearest store request  an appointment for a time that suits her.  From behind the scenes, Gemma explains why she chose Oakam.  


Introduce yourself:

'I am Gemma Freeman and I am from Brentford. '

How long have you been an Oakam customer?

' I’ve been a customer at Oakam for 3 and a half years now. '

Why did you choose Oakam?  

‘I like about Oakam the fact that you could just go there, with your paperwork of how much income you get, you explain to them your what you want and within a few hours the money is in your bank account.’

What do you think of Oakam’s customer service?

‘They’re very flexible. They can tell you when to come in, because I’ve got seven children. I explain to them that I’ve got kids and I can come in at a certain time and Oakam is very good with that. They’ve got a little play area where the kids can play as well, when I bring my kids there, so it’s fantastic’.