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How to find the best travel deals for bank holiday

Are you planning a quick getaway for the upcoming bank holiday? With so many travel comparison sites out there, you’ll probably be wondering about the best option to go for, since they all claim to offer the best travel deal of the century.    

Take a breather, we’ve got you covered and can give you some awesome tips on how to find the best holiday deals in time for the upcoming bank holiday.   


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Opt for an all inclusive holiday deal

Sunny and sandy locations like Portugal will be more affordable if you buy a packaged deal holiday.  This will include your flight, accommodation and full course meals for the duration of your stay. 


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By choosing an all-inclusive holiday, you won’t blow your hard earned money on lunching and dining at expensive restaurants. Instead, you can use this on much more fun adventurous activities such as going to water parks, jet skiing, sky diving & more.

Know your Jargon

Chances are if you are looking for an all-inclusive holiday, you will come across the jargon that is used very frequently; half board and full board.


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A half board stay will provide you with accommodation, breakfast and one main meal for the day.  A full board stay will include your accommodation and all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Choose the underdogs; they’re usually a lot cheaper

If you choose an underdog travel booking site, you’ll have more chances of finding the cheapest deal. Websites like alpharooms.com lists a range of all-inclusive cheap travel deals.  You can opt to pay for your holiday bit by bit in instalments. Your final bill will be due a few weeks before you fly out for your holiday.


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Book the cheapest day to fly out

Did you know that airlines have set days when seat tickets are bound to be more expensive?  Experts from Expedia have confirmed that when flying to most places in the world the cheapest tickets are sold on a Saturday or Sunday.  Fridays are also said to be the most expensive day to book your ticket so it’s best to avoid travelling out on this day altogether.