Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

For existing custmers, we're taking steps to help ease the burden of loan repayment. Find out more about how we can help during this uncertain time. Read more


You're not alone

We understand that you may be worried about how the Coronavirus will affect your financial situation. We want you to know that the financial wellbeing of our customers remains our top priority.

In the past days, the accelerated spread of Covid-19 [Coronavirus] has resulted in an unexpected economic downturn around the world and in the UK. This has meant the closure of schools, restaurants, hotels, and other public venues. Travel and hospitality industries are being hit particularly hard.

For employees in many industries, this means loss of wages and/or employment, an increase in childcare and other costs, and all-around uncertainty about the near future.

We're here to help

We are here to make sure you remain supported, with access to the service and information you need.

We will introduce coronavirus assistance measures in the coming days and weeks. For existing customers, the quickest way to find out about these is through the Oakam mobile app. Log in regularly to stay up to date.

What should you know

Our customer services teams are ready to help but are receiving more calls than usual. Please bear with us! Where possible, please send an email instead of calling.

To speak to us urgently or if you are immediately concerned with your ability to repay on an existing Oakam loan, please contact us on 02039 111 777.

How has coronavirus affected you?

Let us know how coronavirus has affected your financial circumstances by taking a short Coronavirus Customer Impact survey. Customers can also access the survey in the Oakam app.


Here is a collection of quick links to important resources:

Keeping informed

Improving our customers’ financial lives is our top priority. Here is personal financial management information that can benefit you during time of uncertainty:

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  • I lost my job due to coronavirus and need a top up. Can Oakam help?

    Thank you for continuing to trust Oakam. As a responsible lender, all our loans are subject to an in-depth affordability assessment. We check income and expenditure, credit file information as well as current loan payment behaviour.

    If you have lost your job or circumstances have otherwise changed and you are having trouble repaying your current loan, we would urge you to not apply for further credit at this time. Please contact us immediately so we can reassess your circumstances. You can contact our customer services team on the following channels:

    If you have wider financial concerns, you can also seek independent advice from an organisation such as Citizens Advice or Step Change.

    I am an Oakam customer who has been impacted by coronavirus. What should I do if I can’t afford my repayments?

    Please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can reassess your circumstances. You can contact our customer services team on the following channels: 

    I expect to be impacted by coronavirus but I’m not sure yet. What should I do?

    Please continue to repay your loan as normal. However, please contacts us if your circumstances change in the future.

    For information and advice on what coronavirus means for you, visit the Citizens Advice website.

    If you haven’t already, please let us know exactly how coronavirus has impacted you by taking a two-minute Coronavirus Customer Impact survey. This will help us to provide you with better products and services.

    I am already an Oakam customer so why was my top up application declined?

    There are a variety of reasons a loan application might be declined. All of our loans are subject to a series of checks to determine affordability, credit and identity.

    Due to the unprecedented events caused by coronavirus, we are currently unable to provide loan decisions for non-automated loan applications.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. We hope to be able to better assist you in the future and advise reapplying for an Oakam loan again in 90 days.

    What are you doing to help customers during coronavirus crisis?

    A large number of our customers are being impacted by coronavirus. So, in the coming days and weeks, we will introduce coronavirus assistance measures. As a valued Oakam customer, our priority is to help you remain healthy and safe, and to provide the support and service you need.

    In order to help us tailor our products and services, please let us know exactly how coronavirus has impacted you by taking a two-minute Coronavirus Customer Impact survey.

    Check back in the Oakam app on a regular basis to stay informed of all updates.

    Can I request a payment holiday due to coronavirus?

    If your circumstances have changed as a result of coronavirus and you are experiencing difficulty repaying your loan, please contact us immediately on: