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  • Money saving tips for enjoying the May bank holiday on a budget

    We can all be inclined to throw caution to the wind when it comes a bank holiday, especially as the weather improvesLockdowns havkept us cooped up inside for so longand this May bank holiday could be a big temptation to splurge the cash. 

    At Oakam we want to show you that you can have a great bank holiday while sticking to a budget, so we’ve compiled some ways to save money while making sure you don’t miss out on the fun.   

    Swap an expensive restaurant for your local park 

    With the sun shining it can be hard to say no to a slap-up meal in a restaurant or pub, even if you know deep down that you can’t really afford it. Sunny bank holidays in Britain are synonymous with meeting up with a group of friends in a beer garden or local restaurant. While this is a great way to spend your day off, the costs can quickly rack up. 

    This Maywhy not try hosting a picnic in the park instead? The cost of making your own food at home and buying in some beer or wine is a lot less than restaurant prices, so there are some serious savings to be made over the course of an afternoon. Plus, with how busy things are likely to be, opting for the park avoids long queues to even get a table, and also allows you to space out a little more.  

    Scour discount sites for restaurant vouchers 

    Discount sites such as GrouponWowcher, and 5pm all offer great deals on activities and hospitality, and they could save you a hefty sum. These sites are great for when you know you want to do something special. Instead of searching for cash advances to give you a boost, make sure you check out these sites first. 

    It may take a little time to find a deal you’re interested in, simply because there are so many available on these sites, but it can be worth the effort. And who knows, you might find a hidden gem of an offer that you never would have thought of. 

    Try a potluck lunch 

    Being host is a lot of fun, but it can become pretty pricey, fast. Potlucks are a great way to throw a lunch, but at a fraction of the cost.  

    Invite a group of your friends over to have lunch and ask them to bring along a side dish or dessert of their choice, and/or something to drink. This way, you can focus on the central component of lunch – for example a BBQ – and feel calm in the knowledge that the table will soon be packed with other goodies brought by your guests.   

    Part of the fun is not knowing what people are going to turn up with, but if you’d like the menu to feel more unified you could attach a theme to the lunch – think Mexican, Italian, classic British, or something else altogether! 

    Opt for a staycation instead  

    Bank holidays are often a time that people choose to go away for a mini break, and while this is a great way to spend a long weekend, it’s not always cheap. Among the lockdown restrictions that have been lifted recently is the allowance for stays in self-catering accommodation. While the thought of booking a break away from home might be tempting, your bank balance may not be able to stretch that far.  

    Instead of looking to cash loans to cover the cost, why not transform your home into a mini getaway? Whatever space you live in – whether you’re in a flat or a house, whether you have a garden or not – you can make it feel like another world, with little cost.  

    You can get really creative with your staycation minibreak and come up with a long weekend’s worth of at-home activities, focused on a central theme. For maximum effect, the theme should extend to decorations around your living space, and to the food and drink you consume as well! Make sure your out-of-office is on and switch your phone to airplane mode to soak up the holiday feeling – even if you’re only in your living room. 

    This bank holiday you should be able to enjoy yourself without feeling like you need to spend beyond your meansWe hope these money saving tips will give you inspiration on ways to have a great weekend, without going over your budget.  


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