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  • International Women’s Day 2021 at Oakam

    Pictured: Members of the team at Oakam take the #choosetochallenge pledge to challenge the everyday inequalities women face at work 

    As people across the world celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), our team had the pleasure of (virtually) welcoming renowned FinTech consultant Nim Haas to Oakam, where we learned about her ground-breaking experiences as a woman leader in the tech industry. 

    A platform to challenge the status quo 

    It’s not a new concept that women typically have a harder time of things in the workplace than their male counterparts, and this is especially true in the STEM sector, where women account for only 23% of the workforce.  

    The drastic difference in ratio of males to females in STEM means that ‘normal working practices are often designed and learned primarily with male employees in mind.  

    We believe that providing a platform on which to showcase the triumphs of women in technology as well as supporting more young women as they begin their careers in STEM, are two parts of an effective strategy to overcoming the gender imbalance we see across the sector 

    It is with this in mind that we welcomed Nim to Oakam to meet our team and discuss how our work helps improve gender equality.  

    A way forward for gender equality 

    Even a brief look at Nim’s experience demonstrates her passion for the tech sector; she is a business mentor at Barclay Rise, a board member at Global FinTech Impact Forum, a founding member of a number of financial companies, and an advisory board member for several others. She has started her own companies and now regularly advises others across the FinTech sector.  

    In her talk Nim paid bare how she rose to become a Holmes Report’s top 25 innovator in marketing and communications, how she managed to navigate a male-dominated world to realise her own vision for her working life 

    Speaking to a crowded video call audience, Nim commented on the way forward for gender equality

    “There’s too much talk and not enough walk. Too much time is spent on educating people on the gender inequalities in FinTech, but we already know they exist. It’s not enough to sit on a panel discussing the issues without putting a plan in place to actually tackle them. Official implementation of actions being taken to combat these inequalities, written into company policies, is needed.”


    Pictured: Nim Haas, Head of Marketing, Global Processing Services

    Choosing to make a change 

    In keeping with Nim’s talk, this year’s IWD theme is #choosetochallenge, and is focused on how to take positive action to challenge the gender bias and inequality we encounter in our everyday lives.  

    Pledging to #choosetochallenge opens dialogue surrounding gender imbalance in the workplace. These biases rarely affect men directly and can often be overlooked, not normally out of malicebut from a lack of visibility. #choosetochallenge is designed to uncover the smaller, but no less impactful inequalities women face at work and empower women (and men!) to challenge them.  

    Say it, pledge it, take action 

    During our Oakam IWD event, we each picked one thing we want to challenge either for ourselves, or for the women in our lives. We took responsibility that it is on us to catalyse the dialogue which is so sorely needed across the FinTech sector.  

    We pledged that just wanting change or stating that a change will be made, isn’t enough; we need to take action. Real change is needed to have a positive impact on women’s lives.  

    The IWD website has a wealth of resources to show the positive steps our society, including the technology industry, is taking towards true gender equality. This International Women’s Day, think about what you and your business can #choosetochallenge to support the women in your life and in your teams.  

    About gender diversity at Oakam 

    The event today was part of our Women @ Oakam programme. Oakam has a 51% female and 49% male split across the company, but like many tech firms there is not enough gender diversity across our senior management teamsThe Women @ Oakam group was established to take active measures to recruit, support and develop more women to senior positions in the company.