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    Dads put up with a lot and they deserve some serious thanks for it all, and Father’s Day is a great time to show your dad how much you appreciate him. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of pressure to overspend on days like this.  


    To make sure that you don’t feel like you need to blow your budget, at Oakam we’ve come up with a list of some great ways to make your dad feel special, that don’t break the bank. 


    Plan a picnic 

    Everyone enjoys a good picnic, and this is a great way to show your dad how much you care. Pick up all of his favourite foods and drinks, grab a big blanket and some crockery, and set up in your local park for a Father’s Day lunch al fresco.  


    If the weather isn’t so great, you can always improvise and turn your living room floor into the perfect picnic spot! As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts, so even just the effort to prepare a bespoke picnic will be appreciated, weather aside. 


    Give a homemade gift 

    So often people decide whether or not something is a good gift based on how much it cost, when in reality the best gifts are the ones that hold personal meaning and sentimentality. Think about a parent’s desk or office wall; they’re covered with artwork done by their children, which far outnumber any pieces by professional artists. 


    This year, why not give your dad a homemade gift instead of splashing the cash on something material. You could collect treasured photos and put them into a photo album to be looked at time and time again. Another idea is to make tokens for him to cash in over the course of the coming year, for things like a night off washing up, a car wash, a cup of tea, or for him to pick the night’s tv selection.  


    Host a game day 

    Get the whole family involved and set up a game day! This could be in either sports or board games, depending on what your dad prefers! For sports, set up an old-school sports day event, like you had in school with wheelbarrow races, egg and spoon runs, sack races, and more! Alternatively, for board game lovers you can grab some vintage games and settle in for an afternoon of fun. You could join forces and play in teams, or play solo and take on the rest of your family. 


    Set up your own beer or wine tasting 

    This is one for dads with grown-up children, or one for him to enjoy with his partner once the kids are in bed! Beer and wine tastings are a great way to spend a few hours, but in bars and wineries they’re not cheap, so doing them at home is a great way to achieve the same experience, at a fraction of the cost. 


    Go down to your local supermarket and pick up a handful of options to try out, some you know dad loves and some that are new to add some interest. You could do a blind tasting and get him to guess what the drink is, or get him to bet on which are the least and most expensive bottles. Pair this with some carefully selected nibbles and you’re in for a great night! 


    DIY a cinema night 

    Everyone loves a good cinema night, so why not DIY it and transform your living room into a movie theatre? Push all your sofas together and load them up with cushions and blankets in front of the TV, cook up some popcorn, and make homemade pick ‘n’ mix bowls with all of your favourite sweets! Add some fizzy drinks and you’re all set.  


    This is a great way to get the big screen feel at home, without the sky-high cinema prices. Settle in for one movie or three – as long as dad gets first pick on what to watch!  


    On this day, it’s important to also remember those who can’t be with their fathers to celebrate, due to distance, loss, or a host of other reasons. If you would still like to celebrate, we hope that these suggestions can be of use, to pay homage to your father in a small way.  


    Father’s Day is really all about celebrating your dad, not splashing the cash for the sake of it. This year, forget the flashy gifts and extravagant outings, and instead make meaningful memories that’ll last a lifetime.  


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