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    With summer half term fast approaching you may be thinking about how you’ll keep your young ones entertained for a week off, without breaking the bank. It can be tempting to throw caution to the wind and splurge the budget at times like this, especially now that things are opening back up. 

    To help combat the costswe’ve come up with some suggestions for budget-friendly activities for family fun.    

    Create a scavenger hunt 

    Turn your house or garden into an adventure and create a scavenger hunt for the whole family. Leave clues around the house, with each one hinting at the location of the next, eventually leading to hidden treasure. It’ll make a change from your usual group activities, that’s for sure! 

    This is a really fun way to get the whole family involved in an activity and, depending on how complicated you make the clues, it should keep everyone busy for a while! 

    Lace up your walking boots 

    Getting out into nature is a great way to spend some quality time together as a family, and it’s almost entirely free. If you live in a city, you’ll most likely have to use some form of transport to get to the trails and hills, but if you’re fortunate enough to be in the countryside then all you need to do is step out your back door.  

    In the UK we’re lucky to have some incredible scenery to explore, but we can sometimes forget about it as we’re more interested in sunnier climates abroad! But heading out on a day trip in the British countryside can be inspiring and it’s a great way to get your daily dose of exercise as a family.   

    Host your own quiz night 

    We can’t always rely on good weather for outdoor adventures, so why not try hosting your own quiz evening 

    Each family member can create a round or two, and you can bring it to life using props or your family’s favourite characters. To make things more interesting you could try adding a theme to each round as well. This is a great way to kick back at home with the whole family and have some fun. 

    Now that we can meet other people indoors in our own homes, you could also invite over another family and have a family-face off. Ask them to bring over some drinks and set up a snack table, and enjoy a face-to-face quiz session.   

    Turn your living room into a fort for the day 

    So many happy memories are made by children in blanket forts, so it feels like a no-brainer to form some great family memories in one. As adults setting up the fort you could create a truly spectacular version, and you could transform your living room with pillows and blankets for a weekend. 

    This is a great way to spend a rainy day, and we seem to be getting a lot of them recently!  A pillow fort is guaranteed to get your children excited for a day at home with their parents. You can even include the TV in the fort, make some popcorn, and get cosy for a day of family bonding. It’ll be one you won’t forget in a hurry.   

    Try out some new recipes  

    Getting the kids involved in cooking is a great way to teach them a valuable life skill, and it’s also a great way to spend some quality time together.  

    Each family member could take a day of the week and choose a recipe from a pre-determined selection (this makes it really easy to ensure the ingredients will be within your budget), and then cook it for the family. Younger children will of course need more supervision throughout this activity, but the older ones may be happy to take the reins entirely.  

    Making it an interactive family activity makes it easier for the kids to get stuck in with what is essentially an everyday chore, and you never know, you might just find their new favourite hobby!    

    Being on a budget shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on interesting activities this half term. There are plenty of money saving tips you can keep in mind to make the most of the break without feeling the urge to splurge beyond your means, and these suggestions are only a handful of the great ways you can spend the week.  


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