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  • 5 ways to save money this Easter

    Easter’s right around the corner and it feels like shops are trying to bombard us all with new and exciting ‘must-haves’ for this year’s celebrations. It can be overwhelming to look at all the new merchandise being pushed your way, and the pressure to overspend can quickly mount, with increasing number of people considering cash loans from micro lenders to cover the cost.

    You don’t need to break the bank to have a great Easter weekend – if the last year has taught us anything it’s that quality time with loved ones is far more important than splashing the cash. Below are some recommendations on how to save money this Easter, whatever your budget.

    1. Reuse last year’s decorations

    We’ve all got boxes of old seasonal decorations squirrelled away in cupboards or our attics, often still in near perfect condition and fully usable. Sorting through what you already have, rather than heading straight to the shops, allows you to see what you actually need to buy new, and what you can reuse.

    It’s likely that you’ll find you need to buy very little new decorations, if any at all! And if you’re notorious for buying new every year, then shoving the products to the back of your cupboard, the chances are you’ll find a hoard of hidden gems you’d forgotten all about.

    1. Shop smart for Easter clothes

    Buying new outfits for yourself or your family year on year doesn’t make financial sense. Kids will grow out of their outfits so fast that they won’t be wearable the next year, and seasonal trends are always changing, resulting in your own outfits likely not to get a look in come next year. Instead of buying new every year, why not try charity shops and second-hand outlets? You can find some real gems when shopping second hand, and you can make some great savings in the process.

    Another alternative which will save you spending any money at all, is to do a clothes swap with other friends and family who might be looking to save. This way you and your family still have the joy of dressing up for Easter, just without the seasonal price tag!

    1. Make your own Easter eggs

    Supermarket Easter eggs can range from a few pounds all the way up to £10 or more, which when you’re buying for more than one or two children can quickly add up. Then on top of the main eggs you’ve got smaller ones to think about to pad out your Easter egg hunt. Instead, why not try making your own – it’s fun to do and will save you money year on year!

    You can find chocolate egg moulds online for roughly the same price as the eggs in supermarkets, but these moulds will make far more than just one egg. Get some chocolate to melt and a handful of your favourite fillings, and get creative. These can be done ahead of time to surprise your children with bespoke eggs on Easter morning, or as a fun activity to do together on the day!

    1. Switch up your annual event

    Hosting an Easter lunch with all your friends and family can get expensive fast. This year’s celebrations are likely to look a little different thanks to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions, but by the time Easter weekend rolls around you should be able to celebrate with at least a handful of people. Instead of putting the onus on yourself to provide all the food and drinks for lunch, why not suggest a potluck as an alternative? They’re great fun, and with everyone bringing a dish or a bottle to add to the table, the cost to your household drops dramatically.

    Or, you could go in another direction and host an Easter egg hunt instead! This is less formal than a sit-down lunch, yet just as fun and it’ll ensure your 2021 Easter weekend stands out from the crowd in your memories. Ask your fellow parent friends to bring a bag of eggs, little or large, and spread the cost of the traditional hunt among your group. The kids will love you for it!

    1. Stock up for next year ahead of time

    It’s like clockwork that the day after every major seasonal holiday, shops drastically mark down any related festive products. The savings can be massive, and it’s a great time to get in early for next year to replace any tired decorations or props that you know you’ll need again. It may feel counterintuitive to buy ahead of time when you’re looking to save money, but in the long run making the most of these price cuts will result in savings. Plus, you’ll be ready to go when Easter rolls around again, and won’t have to worry about rushing to the shops at all.

    However you celebrate Easter this year, you should be able to do so without worrying about being worse off financially after the fact; spending beyond your means could adversely affect your credit score, lasting well beyond Easter weekend. We hope these money-saving tips will help you to have a stress-free holiday, without breaking the bank.


    Having a bad credit history is not the same as being in financial difficulty. If you think you are in financial difficulty or are finding it difficult to pay your bills on time you should seek an alternative solution. To get debt advice information, we advise seeking independent advice from an impartial service like Citizens Advice or a qualified Financial Advisor.