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    Oakam is reshaping the global discussion about microlending by demonstrating the potential of digital innovation to achieve widespread financial inclusion. Read our latest news, blog posts and press mentions to discover more.

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    Latest blog posts


    The added value of building a good credit score

    By Oliver St Clair

    There is no way around your credit profile. A good score shows you have a positive history of borrowing and repaying, and can help to provide ready access to cheaper loans, mortgages, energy, mobile phones, the list goes on…


    Is cash still king, or is cash dead?

    By Frederic Nze and Guy Shone

    Cash is in decline. Now, in the US only 14% of all transactions use paper bills. As we move towards a cashless world, the role of physical money is changing…


    The beginner’s guide to credit: Part 2 – Maintaining your UK credit score

    Keeping you credit score healthy is like maintaining a healthy body – to stay at the top of your game you need to build a good routine that will not only keep you financially fit, but help you feel strong and confident at the same time.


    The beginner’s guide to credit: Part 1 – Building your UK credit score

    If you’ve recently arrived in the UK or you’re planning to move here soon, you’ll most likely be working your way through a load of paperwork – sorting out your home, applying for jobs, visa applications, and so on.

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